My Yoga Burn Reviews and WHY did I BUY IT

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Having weight problem? Actually, there are many solutions you can use. Other than diet, exercise is also important. Now, here is what you need to pay more attention. Choosing the right exercise or training program will affect how effective the program is. If you choose the right one, you will get better result.

As for me, I have chosen Yoga as my main exercise to burn all unnecessary fats and way to get better body shape. I’m Linda, a 34 year old single mom. You should understand that heavy impact exercise wouldn’t be great choice for me, by looking at my age. More than that, I also have two beautiful daughters.

That means there is not much time that I can spend to train and exercise for losing my weight. Therefore, the first thing that I had considered when I choose the training program is the time needed to do the exercise.Yoga is the answer I got. But, isn’t that Yoga need lot of time, plus it’s also troublesome, where we have to go to the Yoga class? It definitely doesn’t match with my condition. A single mom with two kids means not much time to spend. And, here, my friend Joan introduced me to Zoe Bray Yoga Burn Guide and give me some of yoga burn review.

Joan is my neighbor. And, she have similar problem like mine, the weight problem. She tries to lose weight with Yoga, which later I know that it was Zoe Bray Yoga Burn Guide. When she told me about this program, my reaction is just plain. I ask her to keep me updated, if she got the result like what she wants. Then, after two months or around 8 weeks after she tried the program, the result is amazing. She lost 8 lbs in just 8 weeks. It is not that much isn’t it? But, for me, this result is much better, because it’s more natural than other program that promising 12 lbs in a month and such. By losing our weight gradually, our body will be able to change naturally.

This is also what makes me believe that the program she used, the Zoe Bray Yoga Burn System is a good stuff. Then, I tried the program with her together. I found it’s great and really give the training like what I want. Then, I bought it. So, what is Zoe Bray Yoga Burn Guide? Here are some of my thoughts about this magnificent Yoga training program with this simple review.

What Is Yoga Burn?

yoga burn with zoe

Zoe, the author of yoga burn

Yoga burn or its official name is Zoe Bray Yoga Burn Guide, is a series of instruction or guide that was made by Zoe Bray Cotton. Zoe claim herself as Yoga instructor and personal trainer with many experiences in this industry. She also said that she is one of the few figures that know how to transform female body. Actually, this is the second training program that she has released. Previously, she release Yoga Burn System and become well-known among in women’s health industry. I tried to find more about her, before buying and using this program. And, apparently, she can be trusted. Her Yoga program, the Yoga burn program is very well-known and proved to be able to give their user best result. So, I put my bet on this program and buy it.

Zoe with warrior pose

Zoe in warrior pose

This program itself offers twelve week programs that you can follow. The good thing about the guide is you will get detail information and instruction from Zoe. For example, in some part, she will teach you about many different tips how to reduce fats and losing your weight. There is also interesting part where she give you instruction about how to do the Yoga movement in correct way. Actually, this is one of the best things I have found in this Yoga training program. I have no experience in Yoga.

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So, can you imagine if I just use any Yoga program out there? There will be big chance that I did it in wrong way and end up with ineffective result and in worst case; I can got injured because of the wrong position. Zoe gives the tips how to do the Yoga position in correct way. Therefore, I love this program, when I watched it for the first time. Next, I tell you about my first experiences with this Yoga training program.

My Story

Okay, after I buy the program, I try it. For me, who don’t have any experience in Yoga, at first, I thought it will be difficult to follow the instruction from the video. However, Zoe give me clear instruction what I have to do and how to do that. That makes me can do it much easier. So, I think if you are also beginner and even never tried and knew Yoga before, this program is perfect for you. It will help you to know and understand more about Yoga and how to do it correctly.

The first thing that I got and felt from trying Zoe Bray Yoga Burn Guide is actually satisfying. First, it doesn’t need too much time to do it. I just need to spend 3 hours a week to follow the weekly program in this Yoga training program. That means I have more time to do many different activities, especially for my two beloved kids. So, this is perfect program for me as I stated in this yoga burn review before.

The other great thing is it’s cheap. I don’t need to pay more for attending the Yoga classes. Everything can be done from my home. That means I don’t have to leave my kids just to do the Yoga training. The cheap here also works on the price for this program, which also become other reason why I bought and tried this program. Okay, if you compare it with attending Yoga class, you may felt that it is more expensive. However, for me, the price is very affordable, if you also consider other cost that you need to pay, such as transportation, fuel, and time you need to spend to go to the class.

my results

my yoga burn results

The funny thing is there was a moment when I tempted to try other programs. Yes, Joan recommend me with Zoe Yoga’s program and I even tried it with her together, then found out that it’s amazing program. Still, I read about yoga burn review first before buy it and compare it with other program. There are several reviews that tell me about the pros and cons of Zoe’s program. Then, there is also other program that has interesting offers. However, I decide to believe and use Zoe Bray Yoga Burn Guide.

My Yoga Burn Reviews Conclusion

I also had already seen the result on my friend Joan. Therefore, I choose to buy it. It fit with my needs. Yoga Burn doesn’t need too much time to do, so I can still keep my body healthy between my busy daily routine. Now, I keep using the program and do it correctly. My results? My results isn't as good as Joan, I only lost 6 lbs 8 weeks. I don't know if it's good enough for you, but I'm happy and contend with the results I got. I feel healthier, happier and thinner everyday I got up from bed.

If you like to know more about Yoga Burn, here's the most complete reviews of Zoe's Yoga Burn I can find online. Hope it can helps you decide if Zoe's program is in fact match what you need.

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